2013 tour

I visited the show with fans from France in Gothenburg on February 27 and it was amazing. Petra’s voice was perfect and all songs were performed incredibly well – as usual! There were parts between songs in which Petra talked to the crowd about the album and recent events in her life – in Swedish, of course. At the end of the show she gave us a wave to show us she’d seen us (with our flags)! Make sure to take a look at videos and pictures we made below.

After the concert we met Petra, finally! She was very kind and signed merchandise for all visitors. We have big respect for her that she did that after an obviously very tiring show. Petra also told us the show would be filmed in Stockholm on March 5th, and that the recording may be released in the future.

Support act: Vera Vinter

Tour dates
Feb 06: Cirkus (Stockholm)
Feb 07: Scalateatern (Karlstad)
Feb 15: Jönköpings Konserthus (Jonkoping)
Feb 16: Conventum (Örebro)
Feb 21: Malmö Konserthus (Malmo)
Feb 22: Helsingborgs Konserthus (Helsingborg)
Feb 23: Växjö Konserthus (Vaxjo)
Feb 27: Göteborg Lorensbergsteatern (Lorensberg)
Mar 01: Västerås Konserthus (Vasteras)
Mar 03: Louis de Geerhallen (Norrköping)
Mar 05: Cirkus (Stockholm) *extra!*
Mar 07: Konsert & Kongress (Linköping)
Mar 10: Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (Uppsala)
Mar 16: Wisby Strand Congress & Event (Visby)
Mar 20: Gävle Konserthus (Gavle)
Mar 22: Idunteatern (Umeå)
Mar 23: Kulturens Hus (Luleå)

Aska I Vinden
Kom Tillbaks
Kärlekens Tunga
Vem Ska Jag Tro På
Svarta Moln
Vad Som Helst
Förlorad Värld
Händerna Mot Himlen

Mycket Mer Ok Å Dö
Easy Come, Easy Go

The photos below are the best ones I made. Some stunning photos, for sure!

These videos were recorded by me! It’s a 21-minute recording of the show – you can see our flags at the end of part two, haha!

A review by Joanna Wahlsten for GP can be found on on this page.

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