Main team split up?

September’s page on the site of Victoria Ekeberg (click), who has been Petra’s manager since the very beginning, displays a message saying:

After 10 years, and achievements as e.g. selling gold in the U.S. with the hit ”Cry For You” and top charts around the world, the cooperation between Victoria Ekeberg and Petra Marklund is now over.

Victoria Ekeberg continues its cooperation with the ”Hit producer” Jonas von der Burg (the producer of September’s first three albums). Together with Jonas and his wife Jeanette von der Burg, Victoria Ekeberg has started new music joint venture ”4 on the floor”.

This might also mean that Petra will no longer be working with her main producer Jonas von der Burg, as he and Victoria Ekeberg have started their own label 4 On The Floor. On the latest record ‘Love CPR’, Petra has been working with Jonas too, but this time he only produced 3 of a total of 14 songs. But keep in mind this is guessing, as no official info has been released, beside this message.