First ‘Me & My Microphone’ UK remix available

One of the new UK remixes for September’s ‘Me & My Microphone’ is available for listening already!
It was uploaded to YouTube by the makers themselves. Listen to the official Steve Smart & WestFunk Remix below!

The full package will be released in the UK on December 4th. More on that here.


New remixes for ‘Me & My Microphone’

It seems new remixes have been made for the UK release of ‘Me & My Microphone’. The new mixes are done by Kenny Hayes, Rudedog and Steve Smart & Westfunk. They may be harder than the existing Swedish ones, maybe compareable to the UK remixes of ‘Satellites’.
The iTunes release date is set for December 4, with the release containing seven tracks in total.

Me & My Microphone (Remixes)
1. Me & My Microphone (Radio Edit) – 2:43
2. Me & My Microphone (Extended Mix) – 4:25
3. Me & My Microphone (Kenny Hayes Sunshine Funk Mix) – 5:15
4. Me & My Microphone (Rudedog Remix) – 6:14
5. Me & My Microphone (Steve Smart & WestFunk Remix) – 4:29
6. Me & My Microphone (Punchy Remix) – 6:09
7. Me & My Microphone (Alex Lamb Remix) – 6:42