Petra makes comeback with new song “Closer”

Petra will be performing on theatre show Stop. Play. Rewind. – The Monopoly Game next year. Yesterday, a new song surfaced on the internet. It’s titled “Closer” (yes, in English!) and is the first release by Petra since January’s “Cecilia”.

It was uploaded to YouTube with artwork for the forementioned theatre show, so we’re guessing it’s not going to be the next radio single, and that it is a track for just the show – but who knows! Let’s have a listen to “Closer”.

Music: Johan Liljedahl & Petra Marklund ∙ Text: Petra Marklund & Pontus de Wolfe

Isn’t it interesting? The track is very downtempo, and sees Petra heading in a new direction once again. What do you think, more or less of this kind of tracks in the future? 😉

Thanks to Max from SeptemberRussia for the heads up.