‘Party In My Head’ (Casado & Daif Remix)!

It’s finally out – the Casado & Daif Remix of ‘Party In My Head’!
Although it has not been released commercially, it is available via Casado & Daif’s official YouTube channel. Have a listen yourself!


Finally: ‘Party In My Head’ video!

It’s finally there: the video for ‘Party In My Head’, the new single in Sweden and the United States!
It was shot by the Revolver crew, as was the ‘Me & My Microphone’ video. The video shows September and multiple dancers dancing in New York.

‘Party In My Head’ released in the US!

‘Party In My Head’ was released digitally in the United States today (click). The single contains six tracks, including a new edit that was not featured on the Swedish release.
The cover is slightly different than the one Robbins lately posted on Facebook, as the digital cover has a white border around and does not say ‘CD Maxi-Single’.

Party In My Head (Remixes)
1. Party In My Head (Radio Edit) – 3:48
2. Party In My Head (Radio Edit-No Vocal Intro) – 3:49
3. Party In My Head (Extended) – 5:46
4. Party In My Head (Adam Rickfors Mix) – 7:05
5. Party In My Head (Coucheron Mix) – 6:16
6. Party In My Head (Punchy Mix) – 5:43

Live at Lotta På Liseberg

Another great live performance! This one’s live it Lotta På Liseberg on August 8th.
Petra sang ‘Party In My Head’, ‘Mikrofonkåt’, and ‘Kärlekens Tunga’.
While singing the last song, Petra let some people in the crowd sing some parts of the song.

Videos: ‘Party In My Head’ | ‘Mikrofonkåt’ | ‘Kärlekens Tunga’