Allsång På Skansen 2013

Petra performed live at Swedish show Allsång På Skansen yesterday – and she was good! She performed “Händerna Mot Himlen” before moving into the crowd while singing a Swedish song called “Dansen På Sunnanö”, and while she did this she let people sing bits of the song as well. She also talked with the presenter (Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw) about music, but I’m not sure about what exactly (I don’t speak Swedish). She then disappeared from the stage, only to come back again about half an hour later to perform an old September song… “Kärlekens Tunga”! It was a non-dance version, very well performed.

Clips are available already! Watch “Händerna Mot Himlen” here, the interlude in the crowd here and “Kärlekens Tunga” here!

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Live at Lotta På Liseberg

Another great live performance! This one’s live it Lotta På Liseberg on August 8th.
Petra sang ‘Party In My Head’, ‘Mikrofonkåt’, and ‘Kärlekens Tunga’.
While singing the last song, Petra let some people in the crowd sing some parts of the song.

Videos: ‘Party In My Head’ | ‘Mikrofonkåt’ | ‘Kärlekens Tunga’