Happy birthday to Petra Marklund!

Our favourite singer turned 30 today! Happy birthday to Petra!

Since I have not been able to recap Allsång På Skansen (which ended a month ago already!), I’m using this opportunity to tell all about Petra’s highlights of this year so far.

Let’s start with January. This month already marked the first (and last) release of this year, “Cecilia”. The song was released exclusively via Spotify and was sung by a variety of other singers as well, as promo for Linnea Henriksson’s new album that featured the track.

On 30 April, Kent released their latest album, “Tigerdrottningen”, which features backing vocals by Petra on four tracks. The album does not feature a duet, though.

Petra also performed at multiple events throughout the year. A selection of performances.

And of course this summer’s absolute highlight: Allsång På Skansen! Season 29 of Sweden’s favourite sing-along show, a series of eight shows broadcast on Tuesdays. We think Petra did very well as a show host. Naturally, she looked a bit nervous at first, but she seemed to find her way and had fun when interacting with the artists.

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In the first episode, James Blunt performed his new single and he and Petra had a nice chat on stage. Fun fact: in the sixth episode, Alcazar opened the show with their new bombastic single “Good Lovin”. This song was produced by Jonas von der Burg and written by Jonas, Anoo Bhagavan, Niclas von der Burg and Therese Grankvist. This year’s Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst was also a special guest in this episode.

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I enjoyed Allsång På Skansen. It seems to have been a great experience for Petra. In fact, for the first time she had another role on stage: the role of the host, rather than being the artist. And she did very well, especially because she did this for the first time.

Allsång was nice, but in the future I hope to see Petra in her previous role on the stage: as the artist! With a new album, a new tour – new music. Quoting Scandipop: “[…] we await a new Petra Marklund album. Soon. A new September album would be much appreciated too. If she can do Allsång then she can bloody well do an September album too thank you very much!” 🙂


Lots of news!

Where to start? The most important is obviously that “Händerna Mot Himlen” was released in Europe & UK today! You can get it on iTunes here. 😉
If you think things can’t get better for now, well, they can. The video has arrived today as well, and I must say that it’s stunning! It shows Petra walking down a street and doing a skydive at the end.
Have a look yourself here (premiere) or below.

And last but not least: the tracklist for “Inferno” – here it is.
It can be found on cdon.se.

Inferno (CD/LP)
1. Easy Come, Easy Go
2. Sanningen
3. Nummber
4. Förlorad värld
5. Kom tillbaks
6. Fred
7. Aska i vinden
8. Vad som helst
9. Krig
10. Händerna mot himlen
11. Svarta moln

“Inferno” will be released on CD and LP on October 17.
Cdon.se ship to a select number of EU countries. See if they ship to your country here.

EDIT: YouTube video embedded.

New album will be in Swedish

Rumours that suggested that the new album would be written/sung in Swedish, have been confirmed by Swedish music site gaffa.se.
The album will be written by/produced with Daniel Ledinsky, Saska Becker, and Jocke Berg (known from Swedish rock band Kent), among others. For her latest record ‘Love CPR’, Petra has been working with various producers too, in contrary to her ‘main team’ (Jonas and Niclas von der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan) which she has been working with on her first three albums.

A new photo can also be found on the site!

Source (click)
Thanks to Scandipop.co.uk for finding the news.

Main team split up?

September’s page on the site of Victoria Ekeberg (click), who has been Petra’s manager since the very beginning, displays a message saying:

After 10 years, and achievements as e.g. selling gold in the U.S. with the hit ”Cry For You” and top charts around the world, the cooperation between Victoria Ekeberg and Petra Marklund is now over.

Victoria Ekeberg continues its cooperation with the ”Hit producer” Jonas von der Burg (the producer of September’s first three albums). Together with Jonas and his wife Jeanette von der Burg, Victoria Ekeberg has started new music joint venture ”4 on the floor”.

This might also mean that Petra will no longer be working with her main producer Jonas von der Burg, as he and Victoria Ekeberg have started their own label 4 On The Floor. On the latest record ‘Love CPR’, Petra has been working with Jonas too, but this time he only produced 3 of a total of 14 songs. But keep in mind this is guessing, as no official info has been released, beside this message.