Watch “Förlorad Värld” with Petra!

Now is your chance to watch a video with no less than eight Petras! Haha, a very special experience accompanies the video of an acoustic “Förlorad Värld”. It is a thanks from Petra for to all her fans that went to her tour. Start the 3D video by clicking the image below!


On the table in the stadium lies a paper with the following text from Petra. She thanks her fans and also informs about the upcoming list of events, with Peace & Love unfortunately being cancelled. The translation of the Swedish note is below as well.

Hej alla konsertkompisar!!
TACK alla ni som kom och såg oss på konserthusen den här vårturnén 2013!! Det kommer att vara ett av mina största minnen musikaliskt, någonsin. Kan knappt tro det är sant att vi fick göra två utsålda Cirkus och möta alla er på konserthusen ute i Sverige. Det känns också lite tomt och konstigt att just den här turnén ligger bakom oss och aldrig kommer att hända igen. Så tack för den upplevelsen och alla fantastiska minnen från den här våren!!

Nu laddar vi inför att åka ut i sommar!
För att nämna P&L så är det så trist att dom fick lägga ner, känns verkligen sorgligt. Men vi fortsätter. Västerås, Skellefteå, Sundsvall, Örnsköldsvik, Luleå, Fårö, Karlshamn, Halmstad, Östersund, Borås, Arvika, Kalmar, Göteborg, Malmö, Eksjö och Stockholm!!

Vi repar för fullt och ser fram emot att ses där ute på festivalerna!!

Kramar, Petra

Hi all concert buddies!!
THANKS to everyone who came and saw us in concert halls this spring tour 2013!! It will be one of my greatest musical memories, ever. Can not believe it’s true that we had to do two sold-out Circus and meet all of you at the concert halls out in Sweden. It also feels a bit empty and strange that this particular tour is behind us and will never happen again. So thank you for the experience and all the wonderful memories of this spring!!

Now we are faced with going out in the summer!
To mention the P&L, it’s so sad that they had to put it down, it feels really sad. But we will continue. Västerås, Skellefteå, Sundsvall, Örnsköldsvik, Luleå, Fårö, Karlshamn, Halmstad, Östersund, Borås, Arvika, Kalmar, Göteborg, Malmö, Eksjö and Stockholm!!

We repaired to the full and look forward to seeing you out there on the festivals!!

Hugs, Petra

Hungerhjälpen & 10 years of September!

Petra performed at the Hungerhjälpen event yesterday to collect money for charity. Other artists that performed were i.a. Avicii and Agnes. Petra sang her new single “Förlorad Värld”, “Aska I Vinden” and her the biggest hit “Händerna Mot Himlen”. Watch the performance here, by starting at the 00:58:07 mark.

Ten years ago, June 2, 2003, September’s debut single “La La La (Never Give It Up)” was released! In the decade that followed Petra became a well-known artist with a bunch of amazing dance tracks on her name. In the past year we got to know Petra can also pull off other styles of music. On to another ten musical years of the best artist alive!

New single and summer tour!

After the hugely succesful release of “Inferno” and its accompanying tour earlier this year, a summer tour has been announced! It mainly consists of performances on events and festivals, starting with Peace & Love, where Petra will be performing as well as Depeche Mode, one of her favourite bands.

26/6 – Borlänge, Peace & Love
28/6 – Västerås, Västerås Cityfestival
29/6 – Skellefteå, Stadsfesten
4/7 – Sundsvall, Sundsvalls gatufest
7/7 – Örnsköldsvik, Sjunde i sjunde
13/7 – Luleå, Luleå Hamnfestival
16/7 – Fårö, Stora Gåsemora gård
17/7 – Karlshamn, Östersjöfestivalen
24/7 – Halmstad, Tylösand
1/8 – Borås, Borås Torg
3/8 – Arvika, Arvika Hamnfest
10/8 – Kalmar, Kalmar Stadsfest
5/8 – Stockholm, Gröna Lund

This is good news for fans that weren’t able to visit the first tour, but there’s some other great news – a new single will be released May 19! Förlorad Värld it is, and in the version of a fresh new radio edit! The cover photo was made in the football stadium Petra posted a photo of lately. The digital bundle includes both the album version and the new edit, as well as a new acoustic version of “Sanningen”!

Förlorad Värld
1. Förlorad Värld – 04:59
2. Förlorad Värld (Radio Edit) – 03:47
3. Sanningen (Akustisk) – 03:55

Notable is that the second single, “Sanningen”, didn’t chart. This possibly is because “Händerna Mot Himlen” is still (!) in the charts, and the fact that most people interested in the song already bought the full album. Let’s hope “Förlorad Värld” to be another hit!

“Inferno” news!

With “Inferno” out a week today, there are some nice updates I’d like to share with you!
Let’s start with “Händerna Mot Himlen”. The track received gold certification a few days after the album’s release. The single is still in the iTunes top 3 today, so it’s doing very well in Sweden.

Secondly, an official remix for “Händerna Mot Himlen” previewed on YouTube. It was done by Alex Lamb (who also remixed “Me & My Microphone”) and will be ‘out soon’!

And finally, here’s a live performance in Åhléns City, Sweden. Petra sang three track from her new album: “Sanningen”, “Förlorad Värld” and, of course, “Händerna Mot Himlen”.

Thanks to forum members Maël and Domi for the heads up.