Album artwork and tracklist

It was earlier announced that “Ensam Inte Stark” will be released on 13 November, and now we also have the album artwork (hype!) and tracklist.


Ensam Inte Stark (RAZZIA358, 7340090904356)
1. Ensam Inte Stark
2. Som Du Bäddar
3. Gråta I Neon
4. Du
5. Slowmotion
6. Täcket
7. Alla Känner Apan
8. Hjärtat (only listed on for unknown reasons)
9. Vilda Fåglar
10. Vem Vänder Vindarna
11. Kidz (ft. Linnea Henriksson)
12. Love

petra-liten []So there you have it! There are some interesting things about this tracklist. Where’s “Det Som Händer I Göteborg (Stannar I Göteborg)“? We also see a duet with Linnea Henriksson. And then there are those English titles…

You can pre-order a signed copy of the album on (signed copies are also shipped outside of Scandinavia), or


New album coming this November

Petra’s upcoming album will be released on 13 November, and will be titled “Ensam Inte Stark” (Alone not strong). This is what Razzia Records put on their website today (translated):

”Som du bäddar” is the first taster from the forthcoming album ”Ensam inte stark” which is released 13/11.

And so the countdown begins! 🎈