10 years of “In Orbit”!

September - In OrbitToday, 26 October 2015, marks a decade of September’s second album “In Orbit“! This album spawned the singles “Satellites”, “Looking For Love”, “Flowers On The Grave” and “It Doesn’t Matter”, and contained the original version of Petra’s biggest international hit, “Cry For You”. Petra won a Grammis Award for this album in Sweden and the album was certified Gold in Poland.

A lot has happened in ten years. Follow-up albums “Dancing Shoes” and “Love CPR” were released in countries around the world, Petra released the 8x Platinum-certified September single “Mikrofonkåt”, and started performing in Swedish under her own name in 2012. Her second Swedish album, “Ensam Inte Stark”, is out next month.

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New remix for “Cry For You”!

You’ve read that correctly! This remix was done in 2012 but I’ve only just discovered it.
It comes in three versions, which have been self-released by the remixer: DJ Kue. He’s done official remixes for i.a. Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Kerli, though!



With rap:

What do you think? These mixes can be downloaded for free here!