“Inferno” is out now!

It’s out! “Inferno” can be bought via iTunes Scandinavia today.
You can get your copy on iTunes, CDON.eu, and Bengans.se here. There’s an LP version as well, for the big fans!

Both “Inferno” and “Händerna Mot Himlen” are currently #1 on both Swedish iTunes charts! The images below say it all (click to enlarge).

That’s a great start for “Inferno”, isn’t it? Amazing!

Lots of news!

Where to start? The most important is obviously that “Händerna Mot Himlen” was released in Europe & UK today! You can get it on iTunes here. 😉
If you think things can’t get better for now, well, they can. The video has arrived today as well, and I must say that it’s stunning! It shows Petra walking down a street and doing a skydive at the end.
Have a look yourself here (premiere) or below.

And last but not least: the tracklist for “Inferno” – here it is.
It can be found on cdon.se.

Inferno (CD/LP)
1. Easy Come, Easy Go
2. Sanningen
3. Nummber
4. Förlorad värld
5. Kom tillbaks
6. Fred
7. Aska i vinden
8. Vad som helst
9. Krig
10. Händerna mot himlen
11. Svarta moln

“Inferno” will be released on CD and LP on October 17.
Cdon.se ship to a select number of EU countries. See if they ship to your country here.

EDIT: YouTube video embedded.