“Inferno” is out now!

It’s out! “Inferno” can be bought via iTunes Scandinavia today.
You can get your copy on iTunes, CDON.eu, and Bengans.se here. There’s an LP version as well, for the big fans!

Both “Inferno” and “Händerna Mot Himlen” are currently #1 on both Swedish iTunes charts! The images below say it all (click to enlarge).

That’s a great start for “Inferno”, isn’t it? Amazing!

Petra Marklund – INFERNO!

This came a little unexpected. It seems the new album by Petra Marklund will not be called “Så Mycket Svartare”, as earlier reported. “Inferno” will be the title! Cover art has also been released; all what’s left now is the tracklist. And if that’s not enough, it also appears that, next to the CD version, an LP version will be released as well.
A mail sent to me by Bengans.se includes the banner below (other banner taken off Bengans.se).

“Inferno” on Bengans.se