Plagiarism also featured on Italian TV

The plagiarism by Italian singer Emma Marrone on Petra Marklund’s “Sanningen”, widely explained in the previous post, appears to also have been picked up by Italian TV program “Celebrity Now”. They mixed both videos together to make it look like one video. Click the image to watch the video!

Celebrity Now

Another Italian site also wrote about it. YouTubers are also starting to see the comparison, according to some reactions on Emma’s video.


“Sanningen” video ripped-off!

Music videos can have similar concepts or can be inspired by older ones. Sometimes however, they are way too similar, which possibly is stealing/plagiarism. It appears the music video for “Sanningen” was copied by Italian singer Emma for her single “Amami”. Start watching at 2:30 in Emma’s video.

Emma’s video was released in March 2013, about two months after “Sanningen”. The comparison was made by September fans some time ago, and an Italian video about it was also uploaded recently.

Here’s an image I made containing the most notable shots of both videos. Down here also is the Italian video which compares the videos.
Emma-Petra Marklund rip-off

The lines below are just some notable similarities.
– Filmed in black and white
– Filmed underwater with light coming down from the surface
– Petra and Emma both swim and take similar poses
– Petra and Emma both wear a white mantle
– Petra and Emma both breathe showy to create bubbles
– Close-up shots of face
– The make-up around the eyes is the same
– Petra and Emma both wear a ring
– Slow fading to black at the end
– The single cover shows a close-up of Petra’s eye, and the thumbnail of Emma’s video does the same with Emma’s eye

The videos are almost identical! Emma’s video seems to finish with a shameless rip-off of “Sanningen”.
What do you think? Share your thoughts, and share!

As a final note: It may be possible Emma has permission to do exactly what Petra does in her video. I will update this post immediately if she has, but I couldn’t find anything about it. Also, Petra isn’t mentioned anywhere.

EDIT: Comparison video re-embedded as it was re-uploaded.