SeptemberFans becomes Petra Marklund International Club

Because of Petra’s recent performances under her own name, and her second non-September album coming up, I’ve been thinking about the name of this site. It doesn’t seem like Petra will be returning as September in the near future, so perhaps it is getting outdated?

Last month I have been working on a new community, which went live this morning. As of today, SeptemberFans has become Petra Marklund International Club! For the latest news and media, as well as the new exclusives and community projects, you can now visit You can also follow PMIC on social media to get the latest updates directly in your timeline.


The SeptemberFans website and social media will continue to exist, although there will be no more updates. Site content has been moved to the new website. Many thanks for the support over the years, see you on the new site! 🎈



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas2013SeptemberFans wishes you a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2014!
Next year will bring us Petra’s first performance as the host of an event, “AllsĂ„ng PĂ„ Skansen”. With some luck we may even hear new songs next year because Petra has been writing music over the past months (remember the blog posts about Polina and NERVO?).

This year’s present is a video remix of “Satellites”, but unfortunately YouTube blocked it in almost every country.

If you can’t watch it, you could still watch one of the other video remixes on the channel:
‱ Sanningen (Punchy Radio Remix)
‱ Sanningen (Alaa Radio Edit Remix)
‱ Until I Die (Short Clubmix)

SeptemberFans goodie time!

“Until I Die” celebrates its six-year anniversary this November 7 so doesn’t this September classic deserve some extra attention?
I thought so! I’ve lip-synced the video to the amazing remix of the song by The Jackal from 2007. The remix is featured on the CD single in short and long versions. Enjoy!

The remix is available on iTunes in the Netherlands.