Four new press photos

Four new splendid press photos can be found on the website of Blixten & Co (Petra’s booking agency). The pics were shot in Málaga, Spain last year by Hedvig Jenning. ☀

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See the pics here!

Allsång – the first photos!

The first press photos for this summer’s Allsång På Skansen have been posted online. Like Peter Cederling’s shoot from last year, the pics absolutely breathe summer! This year’s photographer is Janne Danielsson.

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Allsång – all you need to know!

Allsång På Skansen, the Swedish event that Petra will be hosting this summer, will kick off tomorrow! It will be broadcast live at 20:00 GMT+2 on SVT1 and will be the first episode in a series of eight shows. A new website has been launched at and features an interview with Petra that roughly translates as follows.

“This is going to be crazy fun”

SVT can today proudly present artist Petra Marklund as the new host of Allsång På Skansen. Petra takes over from Måns Zelmerlöw and thus becomes the fifth presenter of SVT’s popular summer tradition.

Petra, how did you react when you got the question from SVT?

– Honestly, I was completely in shock and thought I heard wrong. But then it started to become clear more the way they had envisioned. Now I think this is going to be crazy fun!

How do you think that SVT have thought? Why did you get the job?

– First and foremost, I think SVT was looking for something unexpectedly, and it made the course one can safely say. Another reason I hope is that I have a foot in the world of songs and a foot in modern pop music, says Petra Marklund. When I was little we always spent our summers on the country by Sjösala, next door to Evert Taube spirit, and dad always played his and other songs at home while mom sang to them. So I have well learned a few things from there.

What has been your relationship with Allsång På Skansen?

– I’ve been twice in the program and to stand on Sollidens scene in front of the very enthusiastic audience is a giant kick!

Any Allsång favourite?

– Then I say Så Skimrande Var Aldrig Havet.

And what show host do you think has been the best?

– I grew up with Lasse Berghagen in that role, so I have to pick him. In addition, we got to know each other during the filming of Så Mycket Bättre when we both were there. I’ll have to ask him for some advice before the premiere. Then I have to give Måns praise as he renewed the program management job in a fantastic way. He was awesome!

How will you put your mark on Allsång? What is your thing?

– First and foremost, I will be myself. I’ll try to pass on the Allsång tradition my own way and let my love for good music in all genres be seen. Then we will see how it will shape up. It is now the work begins.

Finally. What is your biggest fear for your new summer job?

– That I’ll pass out in the middle of the live broadcast.

Mathias Engstrand, software clients for entertainment on national TV are very pleased to be able to tie Petra to Allsång.

– Petra satisfy all our desires. She is deeply rooted, both artistically and musically, with a warm and close relationship to the program. Petra and Allsång are made ​​for each other, says Mathias.

Also the Skansen manager is very pleased and looks forward to a glorious sing-along summer.

– We are very pleased to welcome Petra Marklund welcome to Skansen and Solliden street scene this summer, said John Brattmyhr, Skansen manager. The combination of the new scene and new Allsång leader, which is also the first woman to get hold of the job, ensure a really good sing-along summer!

Allsång På Skansen is broadcast live on SVT1, starting in June 2014.

The schedule is as follows.

Tuesday, 24 June
Ace Wilder
Niklas Strömstedt & Eric Bazilian
Malena Ernman & Loa Falkman
James Blunt
Albin feat. Kristin Amparo

Tuesday, 1 July
Nina Persson
Sanna Nielsen
Gunhild Carling
Seinabo Sey
Jany Schella

Tuesday, 8 July
The Fooo
Björn Skifs
Linda Pira
Jon Henrik Fjällgren

Tuesday, 15 July
Jill Johnson & Doug Seegers
Annika Herlitz
The Real Group
Ison & Fille

Tuesday, 22 July
Electric Banana Band
Vera Nord

Tuesday, 29 July
Weeping Willows
Ola Salo
Stefan Nilsson, Anna Stadling & Lidingö Motettkör

Tuesday, 5 August
Linnea Henriksson
John de Sohn

Tuesday, 12 August
Jenny Wilson
Icona Pop
John Martin
Lise & Gertrud

To go with the new site, a few press pics have been released as well. We think photographer Peter Cederling did a very good job, the pics really breathe summer!

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(It’d be highly appreciated if someone could get us these/more pictures in original quality!)

Also released was an SVT summer guide with Petra on the front which you can view here. The front cover of the Allsång booklet can be found here.

We wish Petra all the best for the coming weeks and hope she will enjoy her first time as a show host! Follow SeptemberFans for all on Allsång På Skansen.

(Idea of Dominika, created by Ivo.)

February 27: the aftermath!

Our trip to Gothenburg was amazing. The concert was stunning and the setlist even featured some Swedish September songs! Petra’s voice was great once again and the lights and effects were wonderful. There were talking parts as well in which Petra talked to the visitors. At the end of the show she gave us a wave to show us she’d seen us (with our flags)!

After the show we met Petra herself! She signed merch for visitors and made some extra time for us!
The show will be filmed, and will thus obviously be released on DVD!



More information on the tour page here!
Also, have you seen Petra’s social update about us/our gifts? It’s on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

New album will be in Swedish

Rumours that suggested that the new album would be written/sung in Swedish, have been confirmed by Swedish music site
The album will be written by/produced with Daniel Ledinsky, Saska Becker, and Jocke Berg (known from Swedish rock band Kent), among others. For her latest record ‘Love CPR’, Petra has been working with various producers too, in contrary to her ‘main team’ (Jonas and Niclas von der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan) which she has been working with on her first three albums.

A new photo can also be found on the site!

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