Allsång På Skansen – episode 1

The first episode of Allsång På Skansen with Petra as the host is a fact! We think Petra did very well and are already looking forward to next week! Below you’ll find a video of the intro and the subsequent performances of Petra and the schedules of today and next week.

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Pictures show Petra with performers James Blunt and Ace Wilder.

This video shows the intro and Petra’s performances of “Stockholm I Mitt Hjärta” and “Händerna Mot Himlen”. The full episode can be watched here.

Today’s schedule
Ace Wilder
Niklas Strömstedt & Eric Bazilian
Malena Ernman & Loa Falkman
James Blunt
Albin feat. Kristin Amparo

Next week’s schedule
Nina Persson
Sanna Nielsen
Gunhild Carling
Seinabo Sey
Jany Schella



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