The first song of 2014: “Cecilia”

Cecilia_press1A new song has suddenly emerged today! It is called “Cecilia” and it is a cover. It is based on “Balladen Om Herr Fredrik Åkare Och Den Söta Fröken Cecilia Lind”, a show with lyrics by Cornelis Vreeswijk. It will be covered by other artists as well, until then the original song and artist are kept secret. Petra’s cover was released today as the first version.

The press release was released by Sony Music Entertainment Sweden today. Petra signed a contract with Sony Music some days ago, but the phonographic copyright of “Cecilia” is still owned by Family Tree Music AB. Chances are new music will be released on Razzia or Catchy Tunes again as Sony Music was already involved in the release of Petra’s music as the manufacturer/distributor.

“Cecilia” is assumed to be a side project. It will likely not be included on Petra’s upcoming album, but no statement was made about this.

Listen to the track on Spotify here! It’s available in countries outside of Sweden as well.


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