“Hands Up” featured in American comedy

Last Vegas_posterSeptember’s track “Hands Up” will be featured in the Morgan Freeman-starring movie “Last Vegas”! It is not yet known how long and where the track can be heard in the film, but Petra posted a picture on Instagram about it and the info is confirmed via tvmoviesongs.com.
The release of “Hands Up” as a single in the US about a year ago has very likely led to the inclusion of the track in the movie as it was picked up by multiple radio stations.

The concept of “Last Vegas” is similar to “The Hangover”. Four best friends in their late sixties, Billy, Paddy, Sam and Archie, decide to have a bachelor party in Las Vegas for Billy, the last of them to be getting married. The movie will contain parties and casinos so it’s obvious “Hands Up” will be played in the background at some point. The exact appearance of the song is not yet confirmed.

“Last Vegas” premieres in the United States tomorrow and will later this November be screened in cinemas around the globe.


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