The tour has started!

It’s February 6, which means the tour has started today! Right as we speak, Petra’s performing in Cirkus, Stockholm. Hoping for videos and photos to follow soon!

Tour dates
Feb 06: Cirkus (Stockholm)
Feb 07: Scalateatern (Karlstad)
Feb 15: Jönköpings Konserthus (Jonkoping)
Feb 16: Conventum (Örebro)
Feb 21: Malmö Konserthus (Malmo)
Feb 22: Helsingborgs Konserthus (Helsingborg)
Feb 23: Växjö Konserthus (Vaxjo)
Feb 27: Göteborg Lorensbergsteatern (Lorensberg)
Mar 01: Västerås Konserthus (Vasteras)
Mar 03: Louis de Geerhallen (Norrköping)
Mar 05: Cirkus (Stockholm) *extra!*
Mar 07: Konsert & Kongress (Linköping)
Mar 10: Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (Uppsala)
Mar 16: Wisby Strand Congress & Event (Visby)
Mar 20: Gävle Konserthus (Gavle)
Mar 22: Idunteatern (Umeå)
Mar 23: Kulturens Hus (Luleå)
Get the final tickets here!

We’ll be there on February 27! 🙂
Videos and photos will not be posted here before that date, but we will post many afterwards – stay tuned! You can visit the forum, however, where videos and photos are already posted.


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