Music video has arrived – WOW!

The music video for the second single has arrived! “Sanningen” is one of the most professional and impressive music videos Petra has ever done, I think. It features Petra swimming – yes, swimming! – through the streets, with a lot of slow-mo effects! Don’t you agree it suits the song very well?
There’s not much more to be said – take a look at the video below! It premiered at

The digital bundle will be out soon as well, and will feature remixes by Swedish DJs Punchy and Alaa, who have earlier done remixes for September.
It will be released on January 18, to be is available in most of the European countries.

“Sanningen (Remixes) – EP”
1. Sanningen – 3:42
2. Sanningen (Punchy Radio Remix) – 3:16
3. Sanningen (Punchy Remix Extended) – 5:32
4. Sanningen (Alaa Radio Edit Remix) – 3:39
5. Sanningen (Alaa Remix) – 6:16

As you can see, the player above features a low resulotion image of the cover.
Please share your opinion on the “Sanningen” media!

EDIT 18 Jan: General update. Thanks to MrTomSc for the information about the iTunes release.


2 thoughts on “Music video has arrived – WOW!

  1. Release date is already known: “Releasedate: 2012-01-18” source: “ 🙂
    and it’s good to see this site live again, my friend! 🙂

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