SeptemberFans becomes Petra Marklund International Club

Because of Petra’s recent performances under her own name, and her second non-September album coming up, I’ve been thinking about the name of this site. It doesn’t seem like Petra will be returning as September in the near future, so perhaps it is getting outdated?

Last month I have been working on a new community, which went live this morning. As of today, SeptemberFans has become Petra Marklund International Club! For the latest news and media, as well as the new exclusives and community projects, you can now visit You can also follow PMIC on social media to get the latest updates directly in your timeline.


The SeptemberFans website and social media will continue to exist, although there will be no more updates. Site content has been moved to the new website. Many thanks for the support over the years, see you on the new site! 🎈


10 years of “In Orbit”!

September - In OrbitToday, 26 October 2015, marks a decade of September’s second album “In Orbit“! This album spawned the singles “Satellites”, “Looking For Love”, “Flowers On The Grave” and “It Doesn’t Matter”, and contained the original version of Petra’s biggest international hit, “Cry For You”. Petra won a Grammis Award for this album in Sweden and the album was certified Gold in Poland.

A lot has happened in ten years. Follow-up albums “Dancing Shoes” and “Love CPR” were released in countries around the world, Petra released the 8x Platinum-certified September single “MikrofonkĂ„t”, and started performing in Swedish under her own name in 2012. Her second Swedish album, “Ensam Inte Stark”, is out next month.

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Check out this playlist for more music videos.

“Som Du BĂ€ddar” music video!

The music video to “Som Du BĂ€ddar” premiered this morning on the website of Swedish newspaper Expressen. Have a look by clicking the image below!


This is Petra’s first music video since “Sanningen” from January 2013. We’ve not seen a video with lyrics on screen before, and personally I think it looks quite creative and (the editing) professional. This is not the first video involving black paint, though – anyone else noticed similarities with “Can’t Get Over“? 😉

Album artwork and tracklist

It was earlier announced that “Ensam Inte Stark” will be released on 13 November, and now we also have the album artwork (hype!) and tracklist.


Ensam Inte Stark (RAZZIA358, 7340090904356)
1. Ensam Inte Stark
2. Som Du BĂ€ddar
3. GrÄta I Neon
4. Du
5. Slowmotion
6. TĂ€cket
7. Alla KĂ€nner Apan
8. HjÀrtat (only listed on for unknown reasons)
9. Vilda FĂ„glar
10. Vem VĂ€nder Vindarna
11. Kidz (ft. Linnea Henriksson)
12. Love

petra-liten []So there you have it! There are some interesting things about this tracklist. Where’s “Det Som HĂ€nder I Göteborg (Stannar I Göteborg)“? We also see a duet with Linnea Henriksson. And then there are those English titles…

You can pre-order a signed copy of the album on (signed copies are also shipped outside of Scandinavia), or